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help me with residency training

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to elaine of TSA i need to get residency training before i can work as a physician. one needs to have "connections" to get into a residency program. this is generally what happens in cities. i want to and am willing to get training and work in rural parts of the country.but i need some program director to accept me in his/ her program.

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Elaine of TSA

The gulf coast area has offered grants, incentives, bonuses, educational debt assistance and placement assistance to encourage people in all areas of the medical profession to relocate and provide much needed services to the remaining population. Check and also the affected states official web pages for info and grants.

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I am a MD from Ross University school of medicine (2002). I have tried continuously year after year to get a training position. but i did not succeed. I do not have any contacts with any program directors who can take me in their program or help me to get a position in any other program. I am a US citizen and am willing to go anywhere in this country for training in Family practice. I love medicine. I have been extremely unfortunate . I pray one of you can help me with this. I am good at my work. I have good experience (voluntary). I am extremely grateful to any influential person who can help me get into any hospital anywhere in the country for training. Thank you

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